About us


About Conference Organizers 

We are one of the India‚Äôs most imaginative and dedicated conference organizers and event management specialists. In a competitive market, we offer a unique range of conference management services, underpinned by our core values of quality, efficiency, and knowledge and client service. 

There are eight real advantages and benefits to working with us:

You will have the support of a substantial organization, which is committed to quality. We are fully accredited to the ISO9001 international quality standard - We are one of the few conference agencies to achieve this.

We eliminate risk - our experience allows us to predict outcomes and potential difficulties perform risk assessments and therefore implement successful and risk free strategies.

We manage change - we are a dynamic and flexible agency who reacts quickly and positively to changing demands.

We are part of your team - reducing your workload, sharing responsibility and delivering tangible results. 

We take away the stress - supporting you every step of the way and providing solutions to difficult situations.

We go the extra mile - not just a high standard of service, but that critical extra effort when it really matters.

We add value - take advantage of our experience and creativity to incorporate extra initiatives and enhancements that provide tangible and measurable benefits

We're people friendly - and easy to work with. Having to organise a conference is undoubtedly stressful, but we never forget it should still be an enjoyable journey

Our commitment to the success of your event means a dedication to quality, strategic thinking and creative flair. You will not only enjoy working with our team but their expertise in handling the unpredictability of live events will give you complete confidence