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About Brand Promotions 

“Next to doing the right thing,
the most important thing is to let people know
you are doing the right thing”

The Fourth P' as wisely said by management guru 'Phillips Kotler' alone stands for the success of other three 'P's. It's also often said that a product is being manufactured in the factory and a brand is being sold in the market. And we provide all the 360 degree solutions of Brand communication at ground promotion level. 

We believe that any promotional exercise is not merely an exercise; instead it's a communication on behalf of a brand. Therefore we always take utmost care while proposing any related concept to our client. Brand analyzing in terms of positioning, TG, objectives & USP is something that runs in our system before having any idea. 

Right from conceptualize a promotional event; we render every service related to brand promotional exercise. Be it selection of media vehicle, spotting a right occasion, ground permissions, selection of right promotional manpower, their orientation, merchandising, fabrication of sets, installing of light & sound & audio visual equipments, media coverage etc. to name few.

Our Core Brand Promotional Activities

• Road shows 

• In shop activities 

• Mobile visibility campaigns

• Product launches 

• Dealer's promotions 

• Dealers - Distributor's meet

• Cross promotions 

• Barter Deals 

• Corporate tie-ups 

• Seminars /Conferences / Symposiums 

• Corporate Workshops 

• POP Displays 

• Showroom Activities 

• Inaugurations 

• Merchandising 

• Corporate gifts 

• Direct Mailers 

• Data Management 

• Research / Surveys / Test marketing 

• Fair / Exhibitions 

• BTLs 

• etc...

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